Traveling the world on a motorcycle in search of wisdom, challenge and possibility 

The Pathway to Possibility 

An epic 50,000km journey from the bottom of the American continent to the top. Ushuaia Argentina – Deadhorse Alaska
On 2 December, Australian helicopter pilot Sam Chisholm quit his job, flew to South America and bought a home on two wheels. In the past 6 months alongside two friends he has traveled over 25,000km from Argentina to Colombia on a KLR 650 adventure bike with a surfboard strapped to the side.

Having no previous surfing or motorbike riding experience and having never spoken Spanish the trio set off on a pathway into the unknown.

The boys are currently in Colombia, which marks the half waypoint of their goal to reach Alaska.
The pursuit of adventure and challenge

In 2015 Sam undertook the Mongol Rally, a 16,000km small car challenge from London to Mongolia raising $18,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia. Ever since that voyage Sam has dreamed of riding around the world on a motorbike.

A journey inspired by The Motorcycle Diaries (Che Guvara) and 180 degrees South (Jeff Johnson, Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins) the Americas adventure has taken Sam and his friends into strange worlds of volcanoes, flooded rivers, freezing temperatures, impossible altitudes, cultural rituals, motor accidents, deserts, epic waves, riots and more.

A point of difference for this journey is that it aims to help raise awareness of depression and mental health issues through a partnership with Tie Up the Black Dog, an Australian mental health organization with a commitment to provide avenues of support for sufferers of depression and other mental health issues.